Finding Diabetic Diets

from among the hundreds of diets.

To find diabetic diets that work from among the hundreds of diets out there, we will list all of the diets that we found. The good,fad and ugly.

Each diet name is a link to its short description on another page.

Starred * diets have great value in expanding your own personal tasty and effective food choices. Diabetic diets list with only the "starred" diets included.

We recommend only the lifestyle diets, not the crash diets. Crash diets should only be considered along with your doctor's advice.


1200 Calorie Diet

3 Day Diet

3 Day Diet Plan

*4 Day Diet

*5 Factor Diet

7 Day Diet

*ADA Diet (see the American Diabetes Association Diet below)

Adkins Diet (a mispelling of Atkin's Diet)

*Alkaline Diet

*American Diabetes Association Diet

*American Diabetic Diet - an e-book title that describes the American Diabetic Association Diet.

American Heart Association Diet

*Apple Cider Vinegar Diet

*Atkins Diet

Bali Diet

BARF Diet- Bones And Raw Food, BARF, is for cats and dogs.

Blood type Diet

Body Type Diet


Cabbage Diet _ see cabbage soup diet listed below

Cabbage Soup Diet

Cambridge Diet

Carbohydrates Diet

Cholesterol Diet

Clear Liquid Diet

Cleveland Clinic Diet

*Coconut Oil Diet

Cookie Diet


Diabetes Diet

Diabetic Diet plan

*Diabetic Exchange Diet

*Dr. Atkins Diet - see the Atkins Diet listed earlier

E Diets

*Elimination Diet

*Exchange Diet - see the Diabetic Exchange Diet listed earlier

Fad Diets.

Fat Flush Diet

*Fat Smash Diet

Feingold Diet

Fit for Life Diet

Fruit Diet

Gerd Diet is a specialized diet for the treatment of Gastro Esophagael Reflux Disease, GERD

Gerson Diet is a specialized diet for alternative cancer thepy using the juicing of high potassium, low sodium foods.

*Gluten Free Diet

*Glycemic Diet is the same as the Glycemic Index Diet listed next

*Glycemic Index Diet

Grapefruit Diet

Grapefruit Juice Diet. See preceding the Grapefruit Diet listing.

*Green Tea Diet

*Hallelujah Diet

*Hay Diet

HCG Diet

*High Fiber Diet

*High Protein Diet

*High Protein Diets

*High Protein Low Carb Diet

Hills Prescription Diet is another diet for cats and dogs.

Hollywood Diet

*Hypoglycemia Diet

*Insulin Resistance Diet

Jenny Craig Diet

Jessica Simpson Diet

Juice Diet

Ketogenic Diet

Lemonade Diet

Liquid Diet

Low Calorie Diet

*Low Carb Diet

*Low Carbohydrate Diet

*Low Carbohydrate Diets

Low Cholesterol Diet

*Low Fat Diet

*Low Glycemic Diet

Low Potassium Diet

Low Purine Diet

Macrobiotic Diet

Mayo Clinic Diet

Mayo Clinic Grapefruit Diet

Mayo Diet another name for the previous two diets

Medifast Diet

*Mediterranean Diet

Metabolism Diet

Microbiotic Diet

Negative Calorie Diet

No Carb Diet is basically just eating meat and fat. Not recommended.

*No White at Night Diet is a fabulous dietary rule for diabetics.

*Nutrisystem Diet

*Ornish Diet

*Paleolithic Diet

*PCOS Diet

Popular Diets

Protein Diet

Raw Diet

*Raw Foods Diet - refer to the Raw Diet described above

Rice Diet

*Rosedale Diet

Sacred Heart Diet

Scarsdale Diet

Slim Fast Diet

*Sonoma Diet

*Soup Diet

*South Beach Diet

Special K Diet

Three Day Diet

The Makers Diet

The Zone Diet

Type 2 Diabetes Diet

Vegan Diet

Vegetarian Diet

Vinegar Diet

Water Diet

Zone Diet

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