The Alkaline Diet

The Alkaline Diet's goal is to change one's body chemistry from being too acidic (as a result of eating too many animal proteins, sugar, caffeine and processed foods). It has been observed that if one is under a lot of stress your body chemistry will tend to become too acidic as well.

It is a lifestyle diet.

The theory is that if one's body chemistry is too acidic, that it will allow, and almost encourage, diseases to take hold and grow. When a body is more alkaline, it's been shown that diseases, yeasts and fungi, like candida albicans, cannot thrive.

This diet encourages a much higher ratio of veggies and fruits, compared to meats and processed foods, than the normal American eats. It should be studied because the same foods and food ratios that are encouraged on this diet, are ideal for diabetics, as well.

I personally have tried this diet and felt much better from doing it.

I would recommend this as a great type II diabetes diet.

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