Diabetic Diet Help for the Concerned and Confused

Think you need diabetic diet help?

I did... and still do. It's a moving target!

But, let's do things backwards and get to the conclusions first!

I've tried most diets over nine years as a type 2 diabetic. Gleaned wisdom from each diet as to what makes my fasting blood sugar readings go down, or up. (Despite what any diabetic diet expert says)

Yesterday, my morning blood glucose reading was 88. Nine years ago, it would have been 282. My average reading for last month was around 100.

Never taken any medications.

Totally diet and mild exercise.

Along the way, I lost a few allergies as a bonus from adjusting my diet. Hay fever was the big allergy lost.

This site's navigation links will reveal what I've done that might be helpful to you. There is also a link to a list of diets. The diets with useful tidbits have an asterisk beside them.

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diabetic diet video proof documentary follows six diabetic during their change of diet and their amazing results.
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Healthy Diabetic Snacks
Learn healthy diabetic snacks that satisfy the food cravings in a constructive way.
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