Cure Diabetes Books

The Three Books I Can't Live Without

Book #1 Proves Diet Trumps Cancer

The China Study

A Colossal contribution to the human race from... Communist China!

In the early 1970s, the head of China, Chou En Lai, was dying of cancer. So, he commissioned a study of 880 million Chinese, by county. 2,400 counties in all!

He wanted to know each county's death rates of twelve different kinds of cancer hoping that the results might point to a personal cure.

Now, 87% of China is the same ethnicity, Han, but the counties with the highest death rates were a 100 times greater than the counties with the lowest death rates! So, the difference wasn't genetic.

The differences turned out to be diet.

Some of the findings, published in the world's most reputable scientific journals, show that:

Diabetics can go off their medications with dietary change

Diet alone can reverse heart disease

Breast cancer is related to the foods we eat.

Prostate cancer is directly related to one food group

Fruits and veggies are related to better mental performance in old age

Kidney stones can be prevented with diet.

Type 1 diabetes is linked to infant feeding practices

There is an overwhelming amount of well documented revelation on diet and consequence in this must have reference. The authors have no products to sell.

Your diet answers are in this well organized book. All easily read and clearly written.

Book #2 Shows Diet Curing Diabetes

There is a Cure For Diabetes

The author, Dr Cousens, has a perfect record of curing diabetes. A 1969 graduate from Columbia Med School.

His book clearly explains all the factors that affect a diabetic and how they all interrelate.

Then he instructs you how to step away from diabetes for as long as you care to.

His approach is hands down the fastest and most effective method, as I can personally attest. Raw, live foods are magic!

There are some new skill sets to learn with an exclusive diet of raw foods. All easily learned with some effort and interest. Vital!

For the best understanding of what affects your diabetes, I recommend THIS book.

Book #3 Shows Diet Cures Diabetes with Cooked Food

The 30 Day Diabetes Miracle

I own this book because it complements the preceding book by Dr Cousens.

When I did have rare trouble grasping the relationships and interactions of diabetes in Cousen's book, for example with caffeine, 30 Day Diabetes Miracle cleared them up. Just a different way of explaining the same concept helped me to understand.

Both books emphasize a vegetable based diet. However, 30 Day Diabetes Miracle includes cooked dishes as well. Not as fast and effective as raw foods, but if a cooked recipe keeps you going forward with your healing and adds to your tool box, I'm all for it!

Tasty stuff!