My Diabetic Diet Plan

The Laziest, Tastiest and Most Effective Diet

A great diabetic diet plan is about taste AND satisfaction. For me, it is also about how fast and easy is it to prepare?

I'm lazy and impatient. When I'm hungry, I want food now!

Tasty raw food recipes usually take planning and prep time. This is usually my diet downfall.

The one raw food dinner that has ALWAYS made me feel fantastic the next day was not something I looked forward to eating.

I'm not sure why, but, it was an obstacle to overcome!

So, along comes Roger Haeske and his Savory Veggie Stews (SVS).

I had been half-hearted with my diabetic diet plan food choices for the previous month, so my fasting blood sugar readings were in the 120s. Trying Savory Veggie Stews dropped my readings to average in the upper 80s!

30 points in 3 days!!

Not only that, I looked forward to the eating experience.

When I get home after my 10 hour work shift, I'm HUNGRY!

SVS prep time? 10 minutes.


Yep, I wasn't even hungry the next morning. Cravings be gone!



Roger must have over 10 different Savory Veggie Stew recipes.






-Savory Split Pea

-Sweet n Spicy Thai

-Sexy Gazpacho

-Taste of Asia Gazpacho

-Mango Tomato


I've even gotten two more SVS recipes in my email from Roger since buying the Savory Veggie Stews package.

This guy over delivers!

P.S. One simple SVS trick that I gained fixed up my old favorite raw food dinner into a meal that I look forward to now.

Think I'll send Roger my new and improved recipe to share.