The Cambridge Diet

Is it worth the risk?

The Cambridge Diet was very popular in the early 1980s. This is a very low (800 or less) calorie diet and is done exclusively by eating the pre-supplied drinks, soups and nutrition bars.

Most doctors consider an intake of less than 1200 calories a day dangerous. So, considering this diet without medical supervision is foolhardy.

This diet is one of the most expensive diets out there. You follow a strict diet regimen. No exercise is required. This diet usually results in an average weight loss of about a pound a day.

With a serious lack of calories. One's body goes into ketosis. While in ketosis you burn stored fat, which most people like, but unfortunately you also burn muscle.

Wasting away is not healthy!

Very low calorie diets can also strain the other systems of your body. Like your heart, your kidneys and your moods.

This is not a recommended diet for any diabetic.

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