The Hay Diet

The Hay Diet was developed almost 100 years ago by Dr. William Hay to address the digestive concerns of his day.

It separates your meals into two food groups. One day's meals would be very high in proteins and then on this diet, the next day's meals might be carbohydrate rich. (there's a little more to it than that)

The theory is that your stomach only needs to secrete one type of specialized digestive enzymes per meal this way and so gain digestive efficiency, instead of trying to touch all the bases, all the time.

Attention is also given as to whether the foods are acid or alkaline, which can be healing consideration all by itself.

This diet is high in fruits (bad for a diabetic) and vegetables, and prohibits eating refined sugars and starches, which makes this a marginal diet for weight loss for type II diabetes.

A current offshoot of this diet, The 7 Day Diet, is considered dangerously unbalanced nutritionally by experts.

Also, as originally presented by Dr. Hay, this diet was found to be complicated to follow.

All that said, we took note of the Amazon reviewers of the updated books featured on this page. They all agreed that the authors simplified this diet in an easy to understand way.


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