The 4 Day Diet

(Fat Smash Diet)

The 4-day diet is sometimes known as the Fat Smash Diet from the book "The 4 Day Diet" by Dr. Ian Smith.

Dr. Smith believes that losing weight is 80% mental. This diet's tips and tricks for fooling your appetite are invaluable to learn!

There are different food modules in this diet. Each module or eating phase is 4 days in length, thus the name.

There are five small meals a day.

Calories are not counted. And an exercise plan is included. This is a lifestyle diet that seems to be affective.

The Induction module for detoxification, the Transition module, the Proteins Stretch module, The Smooth module (which lets you indulge in some of your favorite foods like pizza and hot dogs), the Push module with stricter eating guidlines, the Pace module thats a little more relaxed and the Vigorous module.

Each module has a different purpose. These modules are designed to keep one from getting bored, and to prevent your metabolism from adjusting to and compensating for a prolonged pattern of eating less.

A month's time will go quickly going through these modules.

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