Elimination Diet

An elimination diet is used to detect the foods that trigger unhealthy reactions like skin rashes, eczema, headaches, breathing difficulties, sinus infections, digestive disorders, unexplained weight changes and more.

The list of the consequences from long term, "low level" food allergies or intolerance is long.

One starts with a diet without the most common trigger foods:

wheat and other grains containing gluten






and all processed foods.

This phase lasts at least a week and allows your body to recenter itself into a less aggravated state.

One common trigger food at a time is then re-introduced, with about 5 days spacing between foods. That's enough time to tell if that food is having an adverse effect upon your health.

Identifying offending foods can be liberating!

Personally, I was going on my third severe winter sinus infection (needing my doctor's intervention) when I accidently did the correct elimination diet on a business trip!

It has been over ten years since then, and I haven't had another sinus infection.

The culprit? Milk and cheese. (Love 'em!)

Today, if I eat any dairy my nose starts running within 15 minutes. A very big clue!

To this day, I pay attention to a suddenly runny nose after I eat. What food did I just eat?

I listen to my body tell me what's not good for me to eat. Now colds visit me maybe once every five years.

Your reaction may not be that runny nose, but once you find what reaction to pay attention to, you've gained a powerful tool for improving your health.

So, this diet isn't about weight loss, lifestyle or type II diabetes foods, directly. But identifying the foods that aggrevate your body will definetly help your situation.

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