Kick the Can of Soda Pop

Maybe I'll list soda pop evils at the end of this message (even diet soda is destructive), but for now, I'll assume you're aware of some of these evils and that you just need some tasty substitutes.

It takes a tiny bit of effort to change the soda habit! Try these two approaches: ( a bonus third approach has just been added- the best one!)

Approach #1 - V8 juice! Quick. Very satisfying. Even good for ya. V8 replaces electrolytes after a workout, minerals and of course, vitamins. High in anti-oxidants and lycopene.

It'll grow on you.

You'll be pleasantly surprised!

V8 comes in many flavors these days, but I spotted toxic sweeteners on the flavored variety's labels. (High fructose corn syrup)

Stick with the classic flavor and add your own additional flavors, if you so desire.

Approach #2 - Iced Teas. Comes in a universe of flavors. Start with mint. If you like ginger ale, you will love ginger iced tea! Make your tea strong to begin with.

"Sun Tea" is B.S., especially here in Seattle!

A pitcher of water, with tea bags in it, placed in the fridge is good to go in an hour or two and already chilled. A bottomless pitcher can be maintained for awhile by replacing the water in the pitcher after each pour.

If you HAVE to have sweetener in your iced tea, I recommend flavored Sweet Leaf liquid stevia. Available in most grocery stores these days.

Or try just a little cinnamon for an adventurous touch of sweetness. Just a pinch at first, though. Too much is bitter.

Now here's a THIRD approach to avoiding soda pop evils that you may like best of all!

Several drops of any one of the FLAVORED Sweet Leaf liquids in an iced glass of water all by itself.

I beg you to become aware of the yummy liquid stevia flavors available from

One bottle lasts a long time.

I know a chiropractor who sold a ton of Sweet Leaf liquid by letting the patients in his waiting room taste test a dozen varieties in little water cooler cups. Smart marketing!

So, what's bad about soda? This post on another website describes it the best.