Overcome Snickers-In-The-Freezer


I used to accomplish stretches of healthy diabetic diet behavior by keeping a small reward in mind. My reward was a mini-Snickers bar from the freezer.

The thinking was its small size limited the damaging sugar and fats. Also, because it was frozen, that I would be less likely to scarf it down quickly.

This plan worked for a short time.

It was a slippery slope with one mini-Snickers. Because those sugars stimulated my appetite, a second mini-Snickers followed an hour or so later... then a third before bed.

What I came up with to fulfill that "reward" craving, yet banish the evil mini-Snickers (or any other milk chocolate craving) was a small handful of frozen blueberries. Eaten one berry at a time.


Sweet, full of anti-oxidants, with lutein for the eyes! A bagfull of blueberries in the freezer was much, much healthier for me than a bagfull of candy bars.


This trick works!