Snack Distraction Nibblie

This treat's sensory experience is what seems to distract my snack attack urges. And as a bonus, I feel more alive and healthier afterwords!

What am I talking about?

Well, next time you're prowling your kitchen for something to chew on, try taking the time to mince certain magical kitchen herbs between your front teeth for a distracting flavor burst.

Fresh herbs are the best, but dried herbs can work.

Doesn't take much, either!

Certain herbs can be healing for diabetics in powerful ways. I'll cover as I go along...

My favorite snack distractions are fennel seeds, rosemary and sage.

But even snagging a sprig of oregano from the garden, while mowing the yard, has become a habit of mine.

The taste keeps me going!

Fennel seed normalizes enzyme production and aids digestion. Perhaps, you've noticed small dishes of them by the cash register in Indian restaurants?

Fennel also encourages the production of red blood cells. Always, a good thing.

Now, Sage is anti-fungal, anti-oxidant, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, and yep, anti-septic. Sage is well used as an anti-inflammatory of the intestines and stomach. It has also been used as an anti-spasmodic!

Pretty impressive! I like chewing sage because it reminds me of good Western U.S. outdoor adventures.

I'd never have guessed that rosemary is related to sage in the plant world. So, rosemary has most of sage's health bennies and a few more of its own.

Bennies like the vitamin C released when you chew it. Rosemary has been used to treat scurvey. It is a diuretic and it has also been shown to be good for one's memory.

Perhaps, most importantly these days, rosemary has powerful anti-cancer, even cancer curative properties. Especially with breast cancer.

My son taught me to generously mix rosemary up into hamburger patties before grilling. Healthier rosemary hamburgers are habit forming!

Uh, I got off topic a little there and started telling you how to cook with these healing spices. Sorry.

I dare you to select these fresh herbs for your mouth next time you need something to chew on. A healthy snack distraction.

Big health bennies to match their big taste!