Diabetic Diet Help for the Concerned and Confused

Think you need diabetic diet help?

I did... and still do. It's a moving target!

You can count at least 86 different diets online right now! (I list more than that many diets on another page of this website)

What helpful type 2 diabetes diets are on this long list? We've put a " * " by the diets that we feel are of value.

Among the many that claim to be a diabetic diet, you'll read lots of conflicting claims on diabetes food and eating routines.

Just how can you tell which diabetic advice works for you? Who is telling you the truth?

Well, allow your blood glucose meter to be your Guiding Light here!

It is a powerful truth telling tool!

If your blood glucose level measurements tell you some food or diet isn't working for you, trust those meter readings on what to do, not some book or article or other authority.

Stop doing what isn't working for YOU!

Reminds me of when I tried a no animal fat diet recommended by the Prevention Magazine of The Rodale Press (whom I trust and respect). After three weeks, my blood sugar levels had slowly trended up.

I stopped that diet.

YEARS later, I learned that it was the gluten in that diet that was sabotaging my efforts. Turns out that I'm gluten intolerant, something that I did not know at the time.

So, first my meter told me that Prevention's no animal fat diet wasn't working for me, and then years later I figured out why.

Too bad, there was some very tasty stuff on that plan!

Now, most diabetic dieters may not have my gluten problem, so perhaps that same no animal fat diet would work gangbusters for you.

Really, there ARE cures for diabetes out there.

A couple of them have been known for hundreds of years. The hard, difficult part is making the required lifestyle changes!

I bet you know that already.

You know what I mean, making the required diet changes, sticking to them and doing those exercises precisely when you don't feel like doing them. Ughh!

A nap sounds like a better use of your energy.


So, your own motivation is the key to a healthy desired change... and so is having something healthy, yummy and tasty on hand to waylay those evil brownie urges!

Like munching on cinnamon roasted pecans instead of a Snickers bar, sipping V-8 juice or iced jasmine tea instead of ANY KIND of soda.

Or in my case, enjoying wine by the glass, instead of beer by the bottle. (Beer has gluten. Grrr!)

So, do you need to grow your own personal list of appetizing diabetes foods and treats that do you no harm?

Maybe absorb some healing lifestyle ideas that won't take a sermon to put into action? Or a cattle prod?

We'll make lots of diabetes food recommendations for you to try out.

You will find some keepers!

Learn that chocolate prepared specific ways is not only a safe treat, chocolate heals!

Also, we'll review a growing number of diabetic diets to give you some intelligent ideas of which to try next.

Imagine... healing diabetes foods to look forward to eating! The best medicine one could hope for.

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