Crunchy Heirloom Treat

Carry this snack in your coat pocket or purse. When you feel the urge, rub this treat on your pant's leg (or your boyfriend's) and you're good to go.

Rip off a big, cool bite! Crunchy, juicy, tasty and thirst quenching...and ready for a big word?... it is an anti-diabetogenic food!

Yep, an anti-diabetes food.


One hormone contained in this garden grown veggie is vital to your pancreas for insulin production. Another included bonus is the enzyme Erepsin. Erepsin is used to break down excessive protein in the kidneys.

Excessive proteins are linked to osteoporosis. They leach out the calcium from your bones. We don't want that!

Besides, as a diabetic, my kidneys appreciate all the help that they can get! Extra erepsin? You bet!

Lemon cucumbers make seasonal appearances in Farmer's Markets and the occasional grocery store during the last half of summer. About the size of a hardball and lemon yellow in color. Reminds me of a mini-yellow beach ball. Wimpy little spines that rub off easily are on it's outside.

Their size and shape allow them to travel easily.

Treats on demand!

Much more flavorful than any other type of cucumber. Their outer rind is not bitter in the least, and so very edible. Inexpensive when you can find them, but they are not always labelled, so be alert.

When I do find them, I load up enough to last their two week shelf life.

The best way to get lemon cucumbers is from your own garden. They are just about as easy and prolific to grow as zuchinni. Pick 'em when they are pale lemon yellow.

I can easily understand why lemon cucumbers were once extremely popular before 1920.

Help bring them back to enjoy!