Healing Sweets for Your Brain

Let's satisfy two needs at once with this healthy treat. I'll describe the serious need before the need for a bag of M&Ms.

Need #1 - Most everyone is deficient in vitamin B12 and folic acid, especially diabetics. Nutritional authorities agree that these two nutrients are near impossible to get enough of through diet alone. Supplements are called for.

Need #2 - There have been times during my day where I craved the taste of something candy sweet. You know, a small dessert fix after a healthy meal. Maybe just that sweet pick me up for mid-afternoon.

Now, instead of a MilkyWay or a bag of M&Ms, or some sicky artificially sweetened mess that gives me gas...

I'll pop a sublingual (means under-the-tongue) vitamin B12 w folic acid tablet under my tongue to dissolve. These tablets come in pleasingly sweet fruit flavors from most anywhere vitamins are sold.

No appreciable sugars, but their lingering fruity taste satisfies! Plus, you get vital nutrients to boot!

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