Gorging Remedy

On the Verge of Inhaling Everything in Sight?

It happens!

That irresistable urge to gorge.

My personal gorging remedy is to make sure that I always have a can of nuts on hand, just in case. Otherwise, it is not a pretty diet or blood sugar scenario.

Unshelled nuts are cool, too!

Canned or unshelled nuts are easy and immediate. They are bulky enough to satisfy quickly, as well.

Nuts will also encourage you to drink water, which will help all around.

Most importantly, when that urgent craving finally fades, the damage done is minimal.

Wait! You say. Aren't nuts high in calories and fat? How can that be good?

Well, you've been mislead.

Yes, nuts have fats, but how readily are those fats absorbed and turned into unwanted pounds?

Not very readily, it turns out. There is some solid science and a little magic involved.

I believe it is because of the balance of proteins, fiber and fat in nuts that make the fats less readily available to absorb.

See the study "Peanuts-the Next Diet Food" from "The International Journal of Obesity".

A long story short, nuts are my single biggest and best secret diet weapon. I've consumed 5 cans of nuts a week for years and steadily lost weight!

Give canned nuts an honored place in your eat-all-you-want snack category.


You'll lose weight!